paola simoni graphic designer

TIA – Tirana International Airport

client: tirana international airport 

years: 2006 – 2021

credits: photography by Armand Habazaj

I started working with Tirana Airport in 2006, adapting the corporate identity to the new logo. I produced all the airport’s internal communication materials, from timetables to annual corporate reports. I also took care of the image for some airport events and promotional campaigns.

tirana international airport
international airport tirana
ational airport tirana intern
airport tirana international


Corporate Identity

In 2007, the new terminal of TIA – Tirana International Airport was opened. The airport’s logo was also revamped and as a result I was responsible for redesigning the entire corporate image.

corporate design guidelines

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corporate identity


TIA - Tirana International Airport - bandiera

opening invitation

TIA - Tirana International Airport - invito

one million passengers: first milestone reached

TIA - Tirana International Airport - pannello


Over the years, I redesigned the layout of the airport’s corporate brochure, both in Albanian and English.

This is the first 2007 version

corporate brochure

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2008, 2010 and 2015 versions

corporate brochure covers

This is the latest version from 2020. Completely revised the bilingual approach has been addressed by making the brochure double-sided. On one side is the English version, and on the other side is the Albanian version with inverted colours.

corporate brochure

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internal communication

Timetables and brochures to promote the various services offered by the airport.

2007 timetable

The first version of the timetable was a simple four-leaf folding.

It later became a small brochure that not only updated passengers on flight schedules, but also informed them of the services available and the shops that could be found inside the terminal.

2012 timetable

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2013 timetable

Finally, the timetable was separated from all other services and a leaner sheet was created, a five-page leaflet folded accordion style.

taxi & parking information brochures

environmental and social buletin

Every year the airport publishes a report on social and environmental management. Over the years, the design has changed slightly, but always staying true to the guidelines of the corporate identity.

latest version 2021

Environmental and social buletin 15

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some covers of previous years' reports

new year wishes

Almost every year I have been busy making greeting cards for the end-of-year festivities. Here is a selection of them.

The theme of the year was reducing the environmental impact of the airport.

greeting card 2012-2013

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covers of greeting cards from other years


TIA - Tirana International Airport - season greetings

greeting card 2011-2012

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Celebrating 10 and 15 years of the airport.

10 years

The 10th anniversary logo of the TIA – Tirana International Airport is closely related to the TIA brand.

TIA - Tirana International Airport - logo

The declination involves playing with a paper aeroplane, which will become the main motif of all communication during the celebration events.


some pictures of the event

15 years logo


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