paola simoni graphic designer

Tenuta Suvignano

client: azienda agricola suvignano 

year: 2021

credits: photography by Enrico Blasi

The Suvignano Estate is currently managed by the Region of Tuscany through the Ente Terre Regionali Toscane. The property, which ended up in Mafia hands, was seized in 1983 by Giovanni Falcone. As of 23 June 2019, following the public event ‘Suvignano Tenuta Aperta’, the property is returned to the community.

suvignano agricultural holding
nano agricultural holding suvig
ricultural holding suvignano ag
l holding suvignano agricultura


The logo was inspired by a study of the architectural features of the estate’s main building.

Tenuta Suvignano - immagine coordinata

The colours of Tuscany, the green of the olive trees, meadows and cypresses, the harmony of tones and the order of the arches, of the triple lancet windows. A beauty uncorrupted by time immediately called to mind by the elements of the logo, which recall the charm of the estate, immersed in the soft landscape of the Sienese countryside.

tenuta suvignano

business card

headed paper

Tenuta Suvignano - immagine coordinata

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