paola simoni graphic designer

Studio Mottura e Associati

client: Studio Mottura e Associati 

year: 2021

credits: photography by Enrico Blasi

Studio Mottura e Associati provides corporate and accounting consultancy, company auditing and technical support, to companies and individuals, in civil and criminal litigation, as well as assistance to judicial and administrative authorities involved in the economy and finance.

corporate and accounting consultancy
te and accounting consultancy corpora
unting consultancy corporate and acco
sultancy corporate and accounting con

restyling of the logo

The restyling of the firm’s logo was tackled by trying to preserve some elements of the previous corporate image, so as to simplify identification by associates and recognition by clients.

Studio Mottura e Associati - vecchio logo

I therefore kept the colours, bordeaux and grey, and the font with graces. I then worked on the new lettering for the logo focusing on the letter M (Mottura) and the letter A (Associates).

business card

headed paper

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