paola simoni graphic designer

Shubh programme

client: INCA – CGIL 

year: 2020

credits: photography by pexels

The Shubh programme provides integrated services for the socio-economic autonomy of holders of international protection, to help them achieve the independence that transforms them from passive to active subjects in Italian society.

shubh The good of integration
he good of integration shubh T
d of integration shubh The goo
gration shubh The good of inte


In designing the logo I worked on the meaning of Shubh, i.e. the ‘good’, which comes into action and accompanies the beneficiaries of the project on their path to integration. The logo is delimited by a square shape that stands for a solid and stable frame within which the programme moves. However, the frame is open towards the future in order to allow the beneficiaries an autonomous exit into the world.

Programma Shubh

Letterheads, plaques, roll-ups to be placed at various events and templates for presentations.

corporate identity

business card

programme brochure

video animation presenting the programme

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