paola simoni graphic designer

Professione in Famiglia

client: professione in famiglia 

years: 2016 – 2023

credits: photo and video images by pexels; speaker: Giacomo Simoni

Professione in famiglia is the association that represents both families in need of domestic assistance and companies that offer personal utility services and helpers who provide care advice.

union of families for families
f families for families union o
es for families union of famili
amilies union of families for f

association website

social network promotion

accident prevention manual

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logos for services offered by the association

The Professione in Famiglia association has its own strongly identifying logo, created by the company Idea Positivo:

Professione in Famiglia - logo

This was my starting point for creating the various other logos for products and services offered by the association.

video animation for the promotion of the 'family click relief' portal crowdfunding

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leaflet presenting the professional figure of the aid procurer, with spaces customisable by the professional

petition for the Home Care Law

Professione in Famiglia - raccolta firme

flyer and petition forms

flyer for the promotion of the 'PASS' soft loan financial service

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