paola simoni graphic designer

Poggio Moiano Municipality

client: Poggio Moiano Municipality

years: 2008-2022

credits: photography by Enrico Blasi and Pexels. 2008-2009 graphics produced in collaboration with Marina Priori

A small municipality in Sabina, a fractioned, hilly territory where distances are made exponential by differences in altitude. Breathtaking scenery and unspoilt nature. A beautiful indoor swimming pool, open all year round, serving a territory much larger than the municipality.
And many events, some destined to stand the test of time and become tradition, others shining in the sky just once, like beautiful shooting stars to which you can entrust your wishes. Gastronomic, cultural, naturalistic, promotional events. A constellation in a gallery.

poggio moiano municipality
io moiano municipality pogg
oggio moiano comune di p
nicipality poggio moiano mu

municipal swimming pool: logo

municipal swimming pool: panel design

The ‘Pane e companatico’ gastronomic festival was conceived by the municipality of Poggio Moiano to promote local gastronomic products of excellence. Promoted by the Lazio Region, it proposed a series of meetings and events to bring the population closer to the themes of sustainable and quality agricultural production.

pane e companatico - 2019

Comune di Poggio Moiano

pane e companatico: events posters

infiorata 2008-2009

other events 2008-2009

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