paola simoni graphic designer


client: Officina Zone Umane association 

years: 2005 – 2020

credits: part of the graphics were produced in collaboration with Marina Priori, photographs by Enrico Blasi

In 2005, with a group of friends and collaborators, we founded OZU, Officina Zone Umane, a cultural, artistic and social association based in Sabina. We renovated an old abandoned candy factory, transforming it into a very versatile multifunctional space.

For more than 10 years, OZU has been a workshop for production, a place for exchange, meeting and collaboration, with the aim of nurturing everyone’s creative freedom.

officina zone umane association
ina zone umane association offic
ne umane association officina zo
ane association officina zone um


Corporate Identity

During the early years, Marina Priori, another professional graphic designer with whom I shared much of the work, actively participated in the OZU group. Collaboration instead of competition. It was a very successful experiment, and a lot of the work was done by 4 hands. Starting with the logo, which is a perfect synthesis of the ideas that can arise from collaboration.


business card

headed paper

OZU - immagine coordinata


OZU - maglietta

support the association

Panel and bookmarks


presentation brochure

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Events and workshops

The spirit that moved us to build this workshop space was the one of sharing. This is why we have made our professional skills and space available to anyone who would like to share an experience.

The proposed workshops cover many fields: expressiveness, creativity, food, sustainability, integration, sociality.

The events planned and scheduled in the cultural centre are the expression of encounters with individual artists or groups of artists, or arise from collaborations with various municipalities, Pro Loco and other associations in the area.

promoting the workshops

film festival "incontri sul margine"

Event realised in collaboration with the Municipality of Poggio Moiano

Workshop promotion of the Indian theatre group 'Milon Mela'

promotion of performances by the 'milon Mela' theatre group

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Flyer of the 'contempo area' site-specific sculpture group exhibition

OZU - Contempoarea


OZU - Contempoarea


programme brochure

"frasso in ottobre" cultural and gastronomic event organised with the municipality of frasso sabino

"Monteleone alle posate" cultural gastronomic event organised with the municipality of monteleone sabino



programme map

theatre posters

brochure presenting the first ten years of activity

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Artists in residence

The OZU space was also made available as an artist residency. It offered the opportunity for participating artists to spend an alternative, relaxing and creative time at the cultural centre in an unconventional environment.


'lunch with the artist' series of events with artists in residence

Fashion show and jewellery event produced by two artists-in-residence

OZU - artist in residence

'Open Studios' with artists-in-residence


The experience with OZU came to an end, we carried out many activities, but not everything we planned came to fruition. Among the various unrealised proposals, it is worth presenting the redevelopment project for Villa Pepoli, a historic building, completely restored, for which we had proposed a plan of use to fully enhance the Sabine territory.

'social food academy' project presentation brochure for villa pepoli

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