paola simoni graphic designer

client: le cerqueta agritourism 

year: 2022

credits: photographs by enrico blasi

The agritourism is located in the hills between Poggio Moiano and Monteleone Sabino, surrounded by an enchanting landscape. It offers truly ‘homemade’ dishes, with meat reared directly, vegetables grown in the garden, and pastas, cakes and baked goods prepared fresh in the kitchen. A cosy and familiar atmosphere from which emerges all the care and passion of the owners that make your stay unforgettable.

le cerqueta agriturism
rqueta agriturism le ce
ta agriturism le cerque
turism le cerqueta agri

restyling of the logo

The farmhouse was born out of the owner’s love for horses, and the large oak trees ‘cerque’ in the local dialect gave the business its name. The original logo represents the silhouette of a horse within the canopy of an oak tree.

Le Cerqueta - vecchio logo

While fully expressing the spirit of the place, it is an illustration that is difficult to use in branding. With the restyling, I tried to maintain the owners’ strong connection to their history, working on a minimalist design that would also visually reinforce the connection between the lettering and the logo itself.

Le Cerqueta - logo

oil labels

agritourism website

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