paola simoni graphic designer


client: filcams – cgil 

years: 2003 – 2007

credits: photography by Enrico Blasi

FILCAMS CGIL is the Italian Federation of Trade, Hotel, Canteen and Services Workers.
It is a trade union organisation that organises and represents all workers employed in the Tertiary, Tourism and Services sectors.

tertiary tourism and services union
ourism and services union tertiary t
nd services union tertiary tourism a
es union tertiary tourism and servic

equal opportunities conference – 2007

national congress – 2006

Campagne Filcams

Pharmacists' Conference – 2006

Campagne Filcams

national procurement conference – 2005

Campagne Filcams

round table on work – 2004

Campagne Filcams

conference 'without rights no identity' – 2003

calendar for women's rights – 2003

Campagne Filcams

conference "identità di unione" – 2003

Campagne Filcams

national private security conference – 2003

Campagne Filcams

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