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Civil G8

client: Municipality of Rome

year: 2009

A publication to report the journey of civil society during the G8, so that it may be useful to Italian and other countries’ institutions and organisations as a fruitful ‘model’ of a relationship that, while respecting roles, has shown how it is possible to concretely dialogue and participate.

participation and dialogue with institutions
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gue with institutions participation and dialo
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a book as a testimony

The Civil G8 began as a working meeting between civil society representatives and the representatives of the G8 countries. The two days of work offered an opportunity to verify the approach of the G8 in preparation and discuss its key points, in the hope that there will be serious intentions in listening to the contributions of civil society. On 4 and 5 May 2009, the Civil G8 Dialogue in preparation for the L’Aquila Summit took place in Rome, hosted by the City Council. This book bears witness to it.

Civil G8

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