paola simoni graphic designer

Campagna Sabina

client: campagna sabina 

years: 2016 – 2018

credits: photography by Enrico Blasi

I worked full-time with the Campagna Sabina Cooperative, designing and producing all the communication material. I developed the corporate identity and the layouts of the ‘Le Tre Porte’ restaurant in Rieti, as well as taking care of the graphics for the various events held during the same period.

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Corporate Identity

Campagna Sabina is a social cooperative created with the aim of promoting niche products and small quality producers in the Rieti area. The cooperative has opened a food and wine centre in the historic centre of Rieti to promote tourism and culture with a rich offer of quality craft products, a bar/brewery, a tavern and a wide range of cultural events.

The corporate identity of the cooperative had to integrate the existing logo with the new branding of the restaurant, ‘Le Tre Porte’, which naturally became the heart of all activities. This was followed by the study of the ‘Le Tre Porte’ logo from which the integration process began.

Le Tre Porte: study of the logo

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business card and fidelity card

presentation brochure of the venue


Campagna Sabina - immagine coordinata

5x1000 bookmark for economic support to the cooperative

panels and brochures presenting the cooperative

video animation presentation

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restyling of the cooperative's corporate image

The Campagna Sabina Cooperative already had its own logo.

Campagna Sabina - immagine coordinata

The integration process with the new image of ‘Le Tre Porte’ was gradual and flexible, starting with business cards and letterheads for joint press releases.

brochure presenting the cooperative

presentation panels of local producers collaborating with the cooperative

Setting up the venue

The venue, located in the historic centre of Rieti, is very large and spread over two floors. The initial layout, which I helped to create, included a market of local agricultural products, a bar and a room for debates, meetings and events in general on the ground floor. On the first floor instead, the large hall was divided into a tavern area and a pub/bar area.

As well as providing practical information on how to move around the premises and having a decorative function, the panels help to convey the social message that the cooperative aims to promote.

Venue map

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Campagna Sabina - pannello

presentation panels

decorative panels for counters

bar panels

butcher's panels

Osteria reati di gola

The osteria Reati di Gola aims to preserve and promote typical local dishes, without renouncing experimentation and innovation. Special attention is always paid to the ingredients, which are, as far as possible, always from small local producers, thus reinforcing the cooperative virtuous circuit. The osteria works from a perspective that fully reflects the values promoted by Slow Food.

osteria decorative panels: typical local pasta dishes

The menu is strictly seasonal. This is an example of a winter menu

tavern menu

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Strapanini reatini

A series of original sandwiches, inspired by the Rieti area, promoted at the osteria and at various events.

Events and promotions

Le Tre Porte also serves as a cultural centre, a venue for events of various kinds, and as a public space that can host debates, meetings and presentations open to the public.

musical events

beers promotion evenings

local events and conventions

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