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Alfonso Sessa

client: alfonso sessa 

year: 2010 – 2023

Alfonso Sessa is a theatre author and actor, author of short stories and teacher of Italian and history at the ‘Falcone e Borsellino’ secondary school in Rome.

stories theatre teaching
es theatre teaching stori
atre teaching stories the
aching stories theatre te

sacropoco cultural association logo

Established in 2022, the cultural association was conceived and founded by Alfonso Sessa. The logo I designed is minimalist precisely to underline the meaning contained in the association’s name. The letter ‘c’ and the letter ‘o’ of the name become a circular, democratic, small and sacred space. Movement and the search for contact between diversities are the themes to which a deeper reading refers.

Alfonso Sessa

cover book of short stories 'I write what you don't say when you speak'

Cover photo by Enrico Blasi

postcard "Giovanni and Paolo boys like us" theatre performance

poster for 'parents in hell' theatre course

Illustration by Antonio Padula

Alfonso Sessa - genitori all'inferno

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