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paola simoni

graphic designer


About me

Graphic designer and art director, I have been working as a freelancer for over 20 years and collaborate with the best professionals in the world of communication. My job: to create balance and focus. I play with pages, sometimes they are well defined by centimetres of paper, sometimes they are fluid, guided by the pixels of a device. Some pages I draw, with others I make a collage. Some I arrange, throwing away what is no longer needed and rediscovering some white. I love subtracting rather than adding and listening rather than talking. I look for the best form to give content, but I am also convinced that form without substance is very little. I always like to look at everything from a different perspective and put myself on the line even when obstacles seem insurmountable.


Design and restyling of logos.

Creation, processing and adaptation of corporate identities: letterheads, business cards, corporate presentations, both on paper (brochures, leaflets, flyers) and on the web.

Creation and implementation of communication campaigns online and offline. Event management: communication, set-ups and panelling.

Creation of websites through content management platforms.

Video animation.

Study of covers and graphic templates. Layout of books, catalogues, magazines.


Excellent knowledge and thorough understanding of design principles, including composition, balance, contrast, visual hierarchy, negative space, typography and colour.
Conceptual knowledge
Skills in drawing, illustration, photography, page layout, video editing and animation.
Practical skills
Excellent graphic and conceptual synthesis skills.
Synthesis skills
Excellent ability to manage time effectively and meet project deadlines.
Excellent ability to analytically identify objectives and devise creative and 'out of the box' solutions to meet clients' visual communication needs.
Excellent ability to collaborate with other professionals in the field and beyond, and to integrate and coordinate the team, even in multidisciplinary environments with different cultures.
Team working
Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and the WordPress CMS. Good knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint programmes, and their Google and Apple equivalents. Excellent aptitude in approaching new software and quick ability to use it.
Software skill
Strong interest and passion in following industry trends and understanding changes in tastes and preferences. Continuous research and attention to new developments with a strong predisposition to learning.
Learning and tendencies

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